Immediate Complete Denture

Immediate complete/partial denture care Instructions

Wearing immediate dentures will help maintain your confidence and smile without obviously losing your teeth, so taking good care of your immediate dentures is very important. The following is a simple guideline that will assist you to better understand and use immediate dentures properly so they would last a long time functioning properly.

  1. Immediate dentures are almost impossible to get used to due to the fact that the gums/bone constantly change especially for the first month up to 6 months after extractions. Sore spots are not uncommon in the first 6 months or so. A 24 hour recall appointment is scheduled at your convenience after your immediate dentures are delivered to eliminate any sore spots that might develop during wearing.
  2. Immediate dentures are very difficult to function with especially during the first 4 months. It is advisable to use them for esthetics only rather than for function (eating).
  3. Always keep your immediate dentures clean and free from food and heavy stains. This can be achieved by washing it using running water, soap and a denture brush daily. Remember to rinse off dentures well from soap residue before wearing again. Polident Denture Cleanser also works well.
  4. Always remove immediate dentures from your mouth before going to bed and place it in a dry cup. Plugging the sink and filling it with water helps prevent dentures from breaking if it falls in the sink while removing from your mouth.
  5. Do not soak your immediate denture in bleach or any other detergent solution; it tends to make dentures weak and prone to fracture.
  6. Never put your immediate denture in boiling water; dentures are heat sensitive and might not fit properly.
  7. Avoid placing your immediate denture in a napkin or towel; it could be easily discarded, lost or dropped accidentally.
  8. If your mouth always feels dry and your immediate dentures are not holding in place properly as they should, try GC or Biotene Dry Mouth Relief Moisturizing Gel.
  9. If denture adhesive is needed for the upper or lower immediate dentures, use Zinc free products such as PolyGrip, Sea.Bond or Effergrip (Use as recommended by manufacturer). If the immediate denture isn’t holding securely after using the adhesive as recommended by the manufacturer, please call us to set up an appointment, you might need some adjustments or a denture reline.
  10. Dentures should be cleaned on a daily basis from any denture adhesive residue. (Cushion Grip is the only exception because it is a reline material not an adhesive that should be replaced every 4 days. Cushion grip is difficult to use. Consult your dentist if using Cushion Grip has any advantage over other brands)
  11. Avoid dropping your immediate dentures, the acrylic resin is light, delicate and can break into more than 2 pieces. If your denture breaks, do not attempt to fix it yourself, call our office to setup an appointment for a repair.
  12. After 6-12 months, new impressions are made for a new set of complete dentures. In rare occasions if the immediate denture fit is satisfactory, the immediate dentures can be relined and used as the final dentures.